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Discover a strategic data management approach that brings together software, services and cutting-edge technologies. Each solution is tailor-made to address your unique business challenges and see you through your Data Journey.

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The Data Journey

We help you manage the data journey in your business – from capturing, consolidating and securing your data in the first place, to liberating and leveraging that data to add tangible, incremental value to your business.

Capture data from sources across your business – both internal and external. Emails, scans and data from existing systems can be efficiently processed to reduce paper handling and human error.


Is your team still manually inputting business data?

Reduce your team’s paper handling and scan, extract and process your documents with speed and efficiency. Convert and file your documents directly into a user-friendly interface – even handwritten documents can be captured.

  • Automate capture of all ASIC & ATO documents
  • Intelligent document recognition
  • Automatically classify extracted data
  • Automatically file data in practice management systems
  • Automate client response letters based on captured data
  • Sync all Fact Find, ATP, SOA direct to XPLAN with ümlaut’s XPLAN connector
  • Cloud or server based
  • Reduce key personnel dependence
  • Reduce paper handling and data entry with E-form integration
  • Capture documents from internal systems and external devices for complete data management


Consolidate data from multiple sources to gain a complete picture of your business. Integrate your data into XPLAN and other systems for simple, centralised document management.


Do your business systems consolidate key data into a single source of truth?

We provide solutions to help you collect all relevant client data and integrate it into XPLAN and other systems. Improve accuracy, time and efficiency within your business by consolidating your data to manage it from a single platform.

  • Single practice view for client across all divisions
  • Integrate wealth, accounting, insurance, broking and more
  • Centralised document management
  • Integrate with all Cloud and Windows-based systems
  • All your client’s information in one place
  • Implement workflow automation
  • Direct e-mail and scanning integration
  • Remove non-compliance risk
  • Automate data management rules


Protect, encrypt and backup your data to guarantee total data security. Ensure compliance and implement an audit trail across practice divisions to maintain a secure environment for your business and clients.


How would your customers react if they knew their personal information had been compromised?

Many businesses do not have a sufficiently strong backup plan to protect against even the most basic business disaster. Keep your data safe from loss, exposure, sabotage and destruction.

  • Protect, encrypt and backup your data
  • Full audit trail and tracking of client and practice documents
  • DocuSign integration
  • Cloud systems to ensure redundancy for the practice
  • Protect against viruses, malware, hardware failure, employee sabotage and even fire


Liberate critical business information to inform decision-making. Determine the most meaningful data by analysing and cross-referencing all data. Publish reports in simple, easy to use formats.


Are you armed with all the information you need to grow your business?

Use the most relevant live data to learn more about your business and clients. Unearth business-critical information to better inform your decision-making and share knowledge with your team.

  • Provide online portal to client with single login for consolidated data
  • Automate NetWorth reports for clients
  • Auto FDS for Financial Planning
  • Live reporting and dashboards, KPI’s, WIP, revenue
  • Centralised CRM for all divisions within practice
  • Simplify and consolidate your communications to your clients with Mailchimp or other marketing software integration


Use the most relevant and live data to better inform decisions for your business and clients. Leverage your data to unearth selling opportunities and offer tangible value to your clients.


Are you leveraging your data to grow your business?

Our software solutions can help you work pro-actively and not re-actively. Unearth selling opportunities and offer tangible value to your clients. Empower your business to increase revenue and keep profit.

  • Unearth new business opportunities (cross-selling)
  • Integrated sales management
  • Live business analytics
  • Connect to all your third-party applications with secure integration platform





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