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How a Smart Data Model Can Drive Business Growth

How a Smart Data Model Can Drive Business Growth   Data modelling. It’s not a foreground topic for many business owners, but with a little diligence it’s one that can lead to tangible (and profitable) growth. Not convinced? If you believe your business is perfectly profitable without a data model or a data management plan, let me ask you another question.   Do you ever: Get tired of flicking between multiple systems Have mismatched data in different systems/applications Spend time…

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Not enough hours in the day? Take them back by automating your data management tasks

Are you a professional working in the financial industry? Do you spend more than 2 hours per day repeating the same tasks? Then you probably feel like you’re pouring money down the drain. Here are 11 benefits of automating your data management tasks. Find out how to free up your time, allow you to de-stress, and work on the projects you enjoy most, all while becoming more profitable.

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The secret life of documents

Paper documents have a secret, the information they contain may be useful to multiple departments across a business, however the majority of the time they are read once and filed away forever and their secrets are never revealed.   The digitisation of these documents can bring immediate benefits to any business;    documents become more accessible and fully searchable, the data they contain makes finding relevant content simple and fast. generate income; many documents contain information that can have commercial value when…

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