MORE Advice
LESS Paperwork

Save time and ensure data integrity by digitising your client data capture and storage processes.

A paper-free future is closer than you think

Save 1.5hrs per client by slicing the time spent capturing and entering client information. AdvisorForms effortlessly records and syncs your client data with your System of Record. No manual data entry, transcription errors or lengthy new client onboarding process - just lots of time back.

Why you need AdvisorForms

Capture your data digitally with AdvisorForms to speed up your new process for onboarding financial advisor clients.

Get back to advising

How many hours do you spend scanning, printing, posting and chasing up forms? Not to mention entering that data into your System of Record (SOR).

Use our customisable online portal to collect data from both new and existing clients. Then receive alerts when forms are completed so you can sync the data directly with your SOR.

Spend more time advising, and less on administration, with AdvisorForms.
No more manual data entry with AdvisorForms for financial advisors Make your new client onboarding process accurate and efficient.

Turn clients into fans

First impressions are everything. That’s why a smooth new client onboarding process is vital for impressing your financial advisory clients.

With AdvisorForms, clients simply fill in their data online once, then you review it with the click of a button. Once you approve it, it automatically populates into your SOR. No paper forms or multiple manual data entries.

Talk about making an impressive first impression!
Sync your data across systems with AdvisorForms. No more double entry in your new financial advisor client onboarding process.

Keep your client data error-free and compliant

Is your client data full of typos – or worse, wrong information? Do you keep having to guess at a new client’s handwriting? AdvisorForms solves the issue by ditching manual data entry altogether.

Clients enter their own data directly into AdvisorForms, with built-in error checking. From there, you sync it directly with your SOR to avoid costly manual mistakes.

It’s the easy solution to protect you against bad data.

Data capture made simple

Stress-free collection and consolidation

Gathering your client’s data couldn’t be easier. Simply email them a link and have them fill in their own details online. Once you’ve both reviewed for accuracy, their information syncs straight to your financial system. Freeing you up to do more of what you love – advising.

Onboard new financial advisory clients easily with advisorforms
Onboard new financial advisory clients easily with advisorforms

Increase your efficiency with AdvisorForms

See all your client data on a central dashboard with Advisorforms

Onboard new financial advisory clients easily with advisorforms
Advisorforms helps you understand your new clients fast

Collaborate live with your clients

As soon as your client fills in their details on AdvisorForms’ online portal, you can access and view the data. Review the form live, in collaboration with your client, to ensure all details are correct. Then simply approve the data at the click of a button. It’s a one-click tick of approval.
Integrate your System of Record with AdvisorForms. Streamline your onboarding process for new financial advisor clients.

Consolidate your view

Get an overview of all your clients’ data in one central, easy-to-read dashboard. Check for overdue forms, review data to avoid compliance issues or simply track your team’s progress. Pull data from other systems to avoid double entry. Centralise your clients’ data and toss your binders for good.
Create customisable online forms to improve efficiency with AdvisorForms. Tailored onboarding process for new financial advisor clients.

Seamless customer experience

Customise what your clients see with your own business branding. Change the AdvisorForms portal colours and use your own logo to seamlessly integrate it with your other systems. Give your clients the ease of online forms while staying true to your own brand and bolstering your credibility.

Who we integrate with

AdvisorForms integrates with iress, Xeppo, MYOB and Xplan. Your system not listed? No problem. Talk to us about our custom integrations.

Import, export and sync with ease

Data syncing in a fraction of the time that manual entry takes.

Two-way syncing for the ultimate in convenience.

Advisorforms Pricing Options

Affordably digitise your client on boarding process and maintain document integrity.

From$125per month
  • 5 users
  • Additional users $15
  • PDF Builder
  • CSV builder
  • Unlimited client forms
From$250per month
  • 5 users
  • Additional Users $25
  • Xplan Integration
  • Xeppo Integration
  • Unlimited client forms
From$25per user per month
  • PDF builder
  • CSV builder
  • Xplan Integration
  • Xeppo Integration
  • Unlimited client forms