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Faster, easier and more convenient client document approvals in just a few clicks.

Client signatures at your fingertips

Send documents to clients and have them reviewed, signed and returned in just a few clicks. Streamline document approvals, reduce document production costs and enjoy effortless workflow integration as you provide clients with a fast, easy and convenient approval solution that's more secure than paper.

Why you need Docusign

Faster document approvals

Sending documents to clients and waiting for them to be printed, reviewed, approved and faxed or emailed back to you can be time consuming. With DocuSign added to Umlaut’s digital document workflow, you can send important documents to clients instantly, and have them signed and returned in minutes, significantly shortening document turnarounds. When using DocuSign, up to 82% of agreements are signed in less than a day, and almost half in less than 15 minutes.

Lower production costs

A typical Statement of Advice costs anywhere between $1,500 - $2,500 to produce. This is due to multiple rounds of document reviews, manual progress tracking and unclear approval processes. DocuSign combined with Umlaut’s digital document workflow, removes manual processing roadblocks and streamlines approvals while providing complete oversight of the end-to-end document lifecycle.

Seamless workflow integration

Seamless integration with FileBound, the backbone of Umlaut’s suite of digital document management solutions, allows DocuSign to be added effortlessly to your document approval process. DocuSign completes Umlaut’s digital document workflow, integrating with Xplan and other software systems to provide a complete paperless document approval and management system.

How DOCUSIGN works

The best electronic signature tool on the market

Managing client approvals couldn't be easier. Simply generate a document in FileBound, which autofills with data from Xplan. Then review and edit the document until it's approved. Next, send the document to your client via FileBound. They receive an email with a link allowing them to access, review and sign the document securely in DocuSign and send it back to you. A few clicks and it's done.

More secure than paper forms

DocuSign encrypts client data to protect important documents from unauthorised access in transit and at rest. The DocuSign eSignature solution has been designed from the ground up to meet the highest regulatory and industry standards for data security.

Effortless oversight

Seamlessly integrated with FileBound, DocuSign allows you to monitor the entire document approval process and check reporting within the FileBound interface. You know when a client has opened a document and when they've signed it. You can also send reminders and notifications to keep them on track.

Full audit trail

From the moment documents are created until they are submitted back into Xplan, each change can be tracked, every approval logged, and all signatures verified.

Simple storage and retrieval

Once a signed document is reviewed, you can approve it with a click and it will be automatically stored within Xplan or your software system and easily accessed whenever you need it. It’s the fastest, simplest, most convenient way to manage client approvals.


DocuSign can be configured to provide secure digital client approvals for any document in your business. Below are a few examples.

Statement of advice

Outlines the recommendations made by a financial adviser to a client and why these were made.

Service agreements

Outlines the services, fees and other important information specific to financial advice.

Fee disclosure

Informs a client about the services they have received and paid for under an ongoing fee arrangement.

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