Use advanced machine learning tools to automatically capture data from any form, eliminating manual entry and increasing accuracy.

Do business better

Why waste the time of your highly skilled staff on manual data entry when they could be working on business critical tasks? It doesn’t have to be that way. Hyperscience gives you faster access to more accurate and complete data, by automatically extracting the all details you need from your documents, even if they are handwritten.

Why your business needs Hyperscience

Process documents better

Intelligent document processing

Do your staff waste billable hours compiling data?

With machine reading technology you can extract data faster than ever before, with a higher degree of accuracy. Even if your documents are handwritten, poor quality, or use inadequate colour contrasts, Hyperscience can identify and correct for imperfections to deliver the information you need.

Hyperscience can classify virtually any document type including handwritten pages, invoices, and forms like account maintenance requests, forbearance requests, bank statements, loan documents, and stakeholder reports. All with pinpoint accuracy.
Set thresholds on your data accuracy

Accurate data and compliance

Improve operational efficiency with accurate data, when and where you need it.

With Hyperscience, you can set thresholds for what the software handles, and at what point humans get involved. Automatically triggered notifications alert your team when action is needed, which frees up more of their time for advising your clients.

Effortlessly pull reports on both software and human performance to analyse and reconcile compliance-related data.
Improve the efficiency of your staff

Full Speed Ahead

Hyperscience can help you save valuable time, money, and resources across the board.

The ideal software solution for the fast-paced world of finance, Hyperscience can help provide a swift and more efficient flow of information to your clients, staff, and shareholders. The neural networks of our software are designed to do everything a human can…just faster, and with fewer errors.

Eliminate costly data entry procedures, create automated workflow processes, and even classify your email or mailroom documents as they come in for optimum efficiency.

How Hyperscience works

Join the data science revolution

Hyperscience software utilises state-of-the-art machine learning technology. By automating data entry, information extraction, and analysis, your organisation will waste less time and resources on manual tasks, reduce human error, and free up more time for your team to drive the business forward.

Flow diagram of data being extracted from a document, assessed for accuracy and synced to system, or sent to a person to assess if the accuracy is too low.
Flow diagram of data being extracted from a document, assessed for accuracy and synced to system, or sent to a person to assess if the accuracy is too low.

Power up your business with Hyperscience

When your organisation has easy access to automated, accurate, and complete data, everyone wins. With the right data at their fingertips, managers can make better decisions that lead to better business outcomes. And without the burden of administration, your staff have more time to focus on a wider range of business tasks.

See the big picture of your business visually thanks to BI dashboards.
Automatically extract data from large client onboarding documents.

Client Onboarding

Fewer administration processes getting in the way of progress make it easier to win over new clients with outstanding customer service. Hyperscience can automate new account applications, handle transfer of account forms, and forward your data to the relevant system of record or stakeholder.
Automatically extract data from multiple types of documents to service existing clients.

Client Management

No more document-heavy processes. By minimizing administrative work, you can maximize human potential and pass the benefits on to your clients. Hyperscience can manage account maintenance forms, money movements, and ad-hoc requests like address changes and beneficiary updates.
Quickly extract data and sort everything that comes into your mailroom.

Mailroom Automation

With Hyperscience, you only need to involve humans in data tasks when it’s absolutely necessary. With high speed, high accuracy data extraction, key data can be efficiently mined from a variety of document types, and all incoming mailroom documents can be classified automatically.

Improve your business with Hyperscience

Of documents automated

Data accuracy

Cost reduction

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