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Gain insight into your business with the power of business intelligence dashboards

Get the competitive edge

Experience the benefit of Insight, with Umalut’s visual business intelligence (BI) dashboards. Visually presenting real-time data from every area of your business, a BI dashboard enables you to make reliable and informed business decisions that blow away your competition.

Why your business needs Insight

Understand your revenue streams and steer your business in the right direction. That’s just one of the Umlaut Business Intelligence dashboard benefits.

Get the full picture

How can you ever hope to understand what’s happening in your business when your data is spread across multiple platforms, systems and software?

Bringing all your data together into a single business intelligence dashboard solves that problem. Quickly understand your business’s key metrics and how the data interacts with reports like revenue value by advisor, client or service, sales opportunities and funds under advice.

Make better decisions with more confidence.
Knowing how your advisors are tracking thanks to a business intelligence dashboard is critical to growing your business.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Do you know how your advisors are performing? Can you tell who is converting the most leads or the highest revenue clients? How many referrals is each advisor generating?

Umlaut’s business intelligence reporting dashboards give you insights into your business and connections between your data that you’ve never had before.

Keep your business on course with at-a-glance analysis.
One of the Umlaut Business Intelligence dashboard benefits is a better understanding of your clients and their needs.

Get back to advising

Does pouring over your business reports take hours each week? Hours that you could spend advising your clients?

Let Umlaut’s business intelligence dashboard reports take the hard work out of your analysis. Your data is presented in real-time graphs in a central location so you can see your status quickly and easily.

And with Umlaut analysing your data for you, you’ll have more time back to do what you love best.

Grasp your data at a glance

Visual reports for better understanding

Your business generates so much data, it’s hard to make sense of all the spreadsheets and numbers - even when that’s what you do for your clients. Human brains are naturally better at interpreting visual information over large chunks of data. Umlaut’s visual reporting means you grasp the important information easily and intuitively.

Understanding your data and making the best decisions is one of the major Umlaut Business Intelligence dashboard benefits.
Understanding your data and making the best decisions is one of the major Umlaut Business Intelligence dashboard benefits.

Power up your business with Insight

The variety of business intelligence dashboards Insight creates analyses your data in a way you’ve never seen before. Your firm’s growth will be turbocharged by having all your data in a central location and presented in a way that makes sense for your business.

See the big picture of your business visually thanks to BI dashboards.
Increase profitability with business intelligence dashboard insights

Increase your profitability

Are you generating more revenue from SMSF or accounting, from insurance or audits? Understanding the breakdown of your revenue sources gives you the power to promote and focus on the strongest areas. And the information to make decisions about the weakest. Umlaut’s visual reports enable you to create a more profitable business.
Improve client understanding with a custom business intelligence dashboard

Understand your clients

Are your clients individuals, companies or super funds? What demographic are your individual clients? Knowing who your clients are means you can make decisions about the types of services you offer and ways to target new clients. Insights powerful BI dashboards lets you easily see your mix of client types.
Get custom alerts with your own business intelligence dashboard

Be alert for changes

Your clients want their funds to achieve the best growth possible. Knowing where your clients’ funds are distributed - across exchanges and funds - makes it easy to be alert for any possible changes or danger signs. Insights BI dashboards enable a bird’s eye view of your funds under management to drive the best outcomes for your clients.

Who we integrate with

Our BI dashboards integrate with iress, Xeppo, MYOB and Xplan to bring all your data together.

Import, export and sync with ease

Data syncing in a fraction of the time that manual entry takes.

Two-way syncing for the ultimate in convenience.

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