Data Capture

Data Capture

Streamline your document management by electronically capturing data from both internal and external sources across your business. Send data to your source system for a single, consolidated view. Emails, scans and data from multiple systems can be processed with leading technologies to reduce paper handling and human error.

Refine your business’s document management

Whether you’re operating a small business or large organisation, electronic data capture systems can help you refine your document management and ensure total data integrity.

  • Reduce data entry costs
  • Reduce paper handling and risk of loss
  • Automate compliance checks
  • Streamline document management in one central portal
  • Work with clients to update documents and ensure data integrity
  • Secure your data against loss and exposure
  • Extract information quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce key personnel dependence
  • Automate the next steps of workflow

Capture, read, classify and file data electronically

Manually filing a document can cost $20 in labour. Finding a misfiled document can easily cost US$120. You might even spend $220 in labour to reproduce a lost document.* Electronic data capture allows you to eliminate these expenses and process your business’s data with speed and efficiency.

  • Capture documents from internal systems and external devices for complete data management – even from handwritten documents
  • Extract and classify data from documents
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) electronically scans documents for relevant data
  • Automatically file data in existing document management systems
  • Capture live data to improve reliability
  • Visually validate data or compare to other documents
  • Collect and safely store your clients’ information
  • Automate client response letters based on captured data
  • Make quick online lodgements
  • Accounting and financial services can automate capture of all ATO and ASIC documents
  • Sync all Fact Find, ATP, SOA direct to XPLAN with ümlaut’s XPLAN Connector

Access documents in one central system

Gain a bird’s eye view of your business by managing data from one central system. Captured data is directed to your source system so you can access a single, consolidated view.

  • Convert and file your documents directly into a user-friendly interface
  • Easily find the information you need by using a metadata (or indexing) system
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to go through for compliance by electronically searching one central system
  • Allow clients to log into a single portal where they can access documents they need
  • Gain valuable business insights by overseeing document management

Keep up with leading technologies

Keep up with the most modern electronic data capture systems with tools from Umlaut Connectors built to integrate with XPLAN, MYOB, Xero and 60+ more systems. Tools such as Umlaut Capture and Umlaut’s AdviserForms portal intelligently capture, read, classify and file data for you, saving labour costs and reducing the risk of human error.

  • Cloud or server-based
  • Intelligent document recognition
  • Optical character recognition
  • Online account management
  • Online form and document management
  • Quick online lodgements

*PricewaterhouseCoopers / US Dollars

Join us on the data journey

Electronic data capture is just one small part of the data journey. To learn more about streamlining your data management, book a consult with us today.




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