Data Integration

System Integration

System integration allows you to gain valuable business insights by bringing data from multiple systems together into a single platform. Access a bird’s eye view of your business from where you can manage all data and processes.

Create efficiencies with system integration software

Improve accuracy, time and efficiency within your business by integrating multiple systems.

  • Bring data together from multiple sources to compare, report and analyse
  • Access captured data from multiple sources quickly
  • Reduce time spent looking for documents
  • Reduce time spent gathering information from staff
  • Easily track document contribution
  • Implement workflow automation
  • Gain an overview of all business processes
  • Manage workflow from one central platform

Discover a single source of truth

Capture and consolidate data into one integrated platform. A central platform allows you to manage documents, correspondence, reporting, sales, security and more from one portal to gain a complete picture of your business. Whether you run a small business or form part of a large organisation, you can discover a single source of truth through integrated business software.

  • Direct e-mail and scanning integration
  • Automate data management rules
  • Live reporting and dashboards, KPI’s, WIP, revenue
  • Unearth new business opportunities (cross-selling)
  • Integrated sales management
  • Live business analytics
  • Connect to all your third-party applications with secure integration platform
  • Centralised document management
  • Integrate with all Cloud and Windows-based systems
  • Connect with Xero, Xero HQ, Class Super and many more
  • Xeppo integration for accounting and financial services
  • XPLAN integration for intelligent data capture and processing
  • Use tags, labels and other indexing tools to organise data

Match leading business software with client relationship management

Leverage your system integration to better manage client relationships.

  • Provide online portal to client with single login and user-friendly interface
  • Access all of your clients’ information in one place
  • Simplify and consolidate your communications to your clients with MailChimp or other marketing software integration
  • Integrate with CRM software such as Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and more

Learn more about system integration

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