Data Security

Data Security

Sound data security is vital in protecting your clients’ personal information. An integrated data management plan can help protect your clients and business against data loss, exposure and destruction. We use leading data security technologies and a holistic IT approach to help your business ensure data integrity, meet rigorous compliance standards and even manage internal security.

Secure your data against a business disaster

Many businesses do not have a sufficiently strong backup plan to protect against even the most basic business disaster. Keep your data safe from loss, exposure, sabotage and destruction.

  • Protect, encrypt and backup your data
  • Cloud systems ensure redundancy for the practice
  • Protect against viruses, malware, hardware failure, employee sabotage and even fire
  • DocuSign ensures secure digital signing of documents
  • Automatically Redact credit card details to avoid fraud and theft
  • Secure data destruction

Meet corporate compliance standards

Corporate compliance standards are more robust than ever. With recent updates to data breach laws, it’s important to ensure your business is one hundred percent compliant to the latest version of the Privacy Act.

  • Ensure compliance with the Privacy Act
  • Safeguard your business from non-compliance fines
  • Directly link with entities with ASIC
  • Automate capture of all ATO and ASIC documents

Manage internal security

Many businesses cannot guarantee that documents and projects reach only the eyes of intended audiences. Using integrated technologies, you can track data and documents to ensure they stay in safe hands.

  • Implement an audit trail for internal documents
  • Check the status of client documents
  • Track projects from start to end
  • See who has worked on a document, who’s currently working on it and where it’s going next
  • Decide which information is sent to whom
  • Manage who can access information remotely

Secure your data today

Can you guarantee your data is secure? To make sure you’re up to date with the latest technologies and standards call the friendly ümlaut team or book a free consult online.




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