Workflow Automation

Workflow Management

Automate workflow to streamline your processes and create an efficient working machine. Use workflow automation software to send, lodge, read and file documents and pay accounts. Whether you run a small business or form part of a large organisation, we can help you manage workflow to gain complete control of your practice’s processes.

Workflow management through automation

Automate processes, correspondence, payments, events, lodgements, reports and more with a range of leading workflow automation software. We use tools and software like Xeppo, FileBound, ümlaut Capture, XPLAN, DocuSign and the ümlaut AdviserForms Portal, to name a few.

Workflow management systems automate processes based on the data they capture and your pre-set conditions and exceptions. You can:

  • Automatically send emails and text notifications
  • Automatically email documents to be signed
  • Automatically import files
  • Automatically read documents and capture data with OCR technology
  • Automatically schedule events
  • Automatically pay due accounts
  • Automatically delegate work and tasks

Gain control over your business’s processes

Workflow is not just about automation. We help you set up a holistic IT management plan to give you total agency over your business and everything that happens within it.

  • Implement an audit trail
  • Track projects from beginning to end
  • Find out who has worked on a document, who’s currently working on it and where it’s going next
  • Observe, manage and report on all projects across your practice
  • Collaborate with your clients with tools like DocuSign and Web portals
  • Ensure all data is secure

Manage workloads

Use workflow automation software systems to manage your team’s workloads.

  • Decide which information is sent to whom
  • Track deadlines
  • Track the movement of documents
  • Track project status
  • Observe, manage and report on all projects across your practice
  • Manage document contribution
  • Some systems allow staff to access information remotely

Start streamlining your processes today

Workflow management is just one way to improve efficiencies in your business. To learn more about how data management can help you streamline your processes, book a consult with us today.




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