Integrating With Xeppo


Data Consolidation for Busy Finance Firms

Change the way you engage. Interact with all facets of your business in a single, central, searchable platform. What is Xeppo? Xeppo is a trailblazing piece of software purpose-built for the financial services. It’s cleverly designed to capture, organise and secure your firm’s client data in one central portal to give you a complete picture of your business. Umlaut’s data experts integrate Xeppo with your current systems to capture and consolidate client data from all reaches of your business. Use your consolidated view to unlock analytical insights and drive growth.


Centralise Data from Across your Business

Xeppo captures client data from across your business and centralises it in a single dashboard. Whether you need information from your team, client, another department or even another system, simply login and use the interactive dashboard to find the information you need. There’s no need to chase paper around departments. With an elegant visual overview on each client page, multi-disciplinary firms can view key data at a glance.

A wide range of applications can be connected to funnel data from multiple sources into a single, consolidated source. Financial planning software, document management tools, CRM software and automation tools can all be connected to improve workflow, save time and nurture client relationships.


organise client information into LOGICAL groups

Drill down to the detail and group clients into logical business groups. You can set up Xeppo’s automatic matching and grouping function to let the system intuitively link client records and group data, or perform manual matches with helpful suggestions from the Client Matching Wizard. Xeppo auto-matches 70-85% of all data it processes, so you can spend your time on more important things. (Did someone say ‘coffee break’?) To ensure data accuracy, all automated processes can be manually reviewed and verified.

Integrate Data from your Existing Systems

Umlaut’s data experts integrate your existing systems and software with Xeppo so you can access your entire firm’s data in one primary portal. Xeppo integrates with a long list of ‘application connectors’ including financial planning software, document management systems, automation tools and more. Both Cloud-based and on-premise applications can be connected. Once connected, Xeppo continually and automatically pulls data from all internal and external systems to keep client data relevant, accurate and up-to-date.

common xeppo connectors include:

AFG Flex
Custom connectors are also available.

Rekon APS
BGL Simple Fund 360

Tools and applications from all departments and services can be integrated, including:

Financial Planning
Banking Revenue


Put your Client Data in Lockdown

Improve your data security by managing permissions, setting rules and implementing restrictions from your Xeppo admin portal. Use functions in the Group and Client security settings to control visibility and ensure the right people have access to the right data.

Your visual dashboard also makes it easy to identify and fill data gaps in order to meet compliance and privacy standards. Xeppo uses institutional grade Cloud-based infrastructure and runs regular security scans.

Identify and Target Opportunities

Xeppo doesn’t just consolidate your data; it gives you a bird’s-eye view of your business. And with a bigger picture of your business, it’s easy to home in on new opportunities and pluck out inefficiencies. Use Leads and Opportunities portals to analyse leads, potential opportunities and conversion rates in an easy-to-read visual interface. Xeppo even flags opportunities as they arise.

With a wealth of data to analyse, Xeppo enables you to leverage your analytical insights and develop in areas with a high potential for growth. Xeppo can push data into marketing and CRM tools to create targeted marketing lists, automate communications (such as emails) and drive sales.

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