XPLAN Connector


XPLAN Financial planning software for wealth management services

In the wealth management industry, financial planners can process piles of paperwork just to keep client forms up to date. Our XPLAN Connector solution automates the paperwork chain to reduce manual data input and avoid human error.


Process client forms in four simple steps with XPLAN Connector

XPLAN Connector is a financial planning software solution that automates your paper chain in four simple steps:

Document Completion – Your client completes a document, such as a renewal form

Document Receipt – Form is returned via email or a paper copy is scanned

XPLAN Integration – The form is read by XPLAN and related data is collected

Automated response – XPLAN Connector automatically sends a response letter to the client.

The XPLAN Connector Advantage

If you or your team are spending hours manually typing data into your databases, we can guarantee that XPLAN integration will benefit your business in a number of ways. XPLAN is a far more simple, fast and efficient way to process paperwork and bring your database management up to date.

The benefits of XPLAN integration include:

  • Digitise the paper trail

  • Reduce risk of human error

  • Reduce hassle of manual data entry

  • Save on labour costs

  • Improve risk management with digital audit trail

  • No piled up paperwork

  • Keep up with your competitors

  • Improve data security for your business and clients

  • Save the time you would have spent on data entry

  • Get started with XPLAN Integration

Don’t spend any more time typing out client data – make the move to XPLAN financial planning software today. Call us on 1300 80 95 80 or BOOK A CONSULT to learn how XPLAN can benefit your business.Integrate Data from your Existing Systems

Umlaut’s data experts integrate your existing systems and software with Xeppo so you can access your entire firm’s data in one primary portal. Xeppo integrates with a long list of ‘application connectors’ including financial planning software, document management systems, automation tools and more. Both Cloud-based and on-premise applications can be connected. Once connected, Xeppo continually and automatically pulls data from all internal and external systems to keep client data relevant, accurate and up-to-date.

Don’t spend any more time typing out client data.

Make the move to XPLAN financial planning software today.
Call us on 1300 80 95 80 or book a consult to learn how XPLAN can benefit your business.