Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Say hello to our data gurus

Hi there – we’re team ümlaut, specialists in all things data. The ümlaut principals have come together from a range of data-related backgrounds to provide bespoke data management solutions to the financial planning, accounting and wealth management industries.

Each of our team members has extensive experience in various aspects of data management – from data capture and security to workflow management and system integration. Between us we have decades of experience building, operating and managing small business software.

Get to know our principals in the blurbs below, or call us on 1300 80 95 80 to learn more about ümlaut’s data management solutions.

Shane Reid


Starting in the industry in 1998, much of my career has been involved in ICT GM and Sales Director roles working closely with data applications and their developers, and the implementation of these applications across both SME and Enterprise level organisations.

The real insight gained from this experience is that, more often than not, organisations are too focused on simply selling a product application rather than determining whether it’s genuinely the best means of addressing a customer’s data challenges and how it will be properly integrated with the customer’s other software applications to deliver optimum outcomes. With the skills we have at Umlaut, we have the opportunity to turn this around and provide real, complete data management solutions for businesses.

Scott Brewster


With over 18 years in IT-focused, managed and professional services, I’ve become very aware of the wide gamut of data applications, and their relative strengths and weaknesses – particularly for small-medium enterprises.

Having been both a ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’ of data services, I have a very real understanding of why disparate applications, that may seem suitable in isolation, often only serve to create more complexity if not properly integrated. At ümlaut we focus on system integration as the key to a complete data service.

Jonathan Abolins


I’ve always been excited about automation and so I spent many of my earlier years in systems administration. Over the past seven years I have been involved most notably in building, operating and directing within the full spectrum of the bespoke data centre space, offering everything from Virtual Machines, all the way up to complete Data Centres.

Exposure to a diverse range of IT business models has fuelled my understanding of methods that are effective. It is this value that I am eager to share with smaller private businesses in proof that IT is there to help, rather than to hinder..


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