Paper documents have a secret, the information they contain may be useful to multiple departments across a business, however the majority of the time they are read once and filed away forever and their secrets are never revealed.
The digitisation of these documents can bring immediate benefits to any business; 
  • documents become more accessible and fully searchable, the data they contain makes finding relevant content simple and fast.
  • generate income; many documents contain information that can have commercial value when presented to the right audience. Identifying significant trends and insights from paper documents that are archived is a time consuming task. Data contained on paper documents is easily unaccounted for as it can be difficult to find and is often fragmented across filing systems.
  • minimise hidden costs, every time someone looks for a paper document it costs money, if a document has been misfiled or lost these costs increase again.
  • paper documents are easily destroyed, the digitisation of documents allows for secure disaster recovery systems to be put in place to protect valuable information
  • productivity increases, sluggish workflows become streamlined by cutting down on the manual labor required to maintain physical documents
  • documents become interactive; the digitised content can be used to communicate to customers across a range of channels.
  • integration, the data contained in documents can be integrated with other business systems and utilised to produce actionable insights.
By eliminating dependence on paper documents and organising unstructured information according to organisational need, businesses are empowered to work more efficiently.
At ümlaut it we work closely with our clients to ensure the implementation of a Document Management System offers real and tangible benefits to their business. We spend time analysing the way information is moved through their business, ensuring that we always have a clear picture of what they are trying to achieve.
Contact us and move from paper documents, to data and then to actionable insights, we can help you discover the secrets your documents are keeping from you.