The biggest accounting expo of 2019 is about to touch down at the ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre. Over two days, more than 150 companies from the world of accounting, finance, technology and data management will be exhibiting their products, services and ideas. The Accounting Business Expo is Australia’s largest and most popular expo across any industry, and Umlaut will be proudly showcasing the latest from planet data management. With so much to discover, follow our top tips to navigate your way to the best new ideas of 2019.

Here are Umlaut’s top tips for getting the most out of the Expo:


Venture into the outer realms

Step outside your realm of knowledge and discover new, innovative ideas. The Accounting Business Expo is a great way to open up gateways to fresh perspectives and solutions. There will be a huge array of new products, solutions, trends and developments to discover, and it’s not just the same players each year.

Unlike other accounting events, the Sydney Accounting Business Expo is vendor-neutral and independently run. This means you can land new connections with companies outside of the accounting stratosphere. We recommend going in with an open mind and having a chat with exhibitors from all fields and industries.

Going into the Expo with an open mind helps you:

  • Meet and network with vendors from different fields
  • Discover outside-the-box solutions for your business challenges
  • Uncover new products for your clients
  • Unearth time-saving software solutions
  • Benchmark against other market leaders



Step outside the accounting atmosphere

It’s not all accountants pitching to accountants. Vendors come to the Expo Hall from areas of business. Discover and compare market-leading software, applications, technologies, IT consultancy, and, of course, data management solutions.

Some of our favourite finance-industry cosmonauts will be there, including:

While it’s great to investigate new horizons, we recommend going in with a navigation plan…



Go in with a navigation plan

Go in with a navigation planTrying to find a specific solution at the Sydney Accounting Expo can be a bit like trying to find the stars on a cloudy night. Your greatest challenge will be navigating the stellar abundance of tech talks, demos, keynotes and, of course, exhibitors. The ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre becomes an absolute hive of activity over the conference dates, so if you’re someone who tends to spend time wandering around like a space cadet only to end up with a pocketful of pamphlets, it might be time to rethink your strategy.

A few navigation pointers:

  • The Expo Hall: this is where the magic happens. Mingle, network, discover, and come and say hello to Umlaut at stand B36!
  • Tech Talks: 15-minute demos of tools and technologies, running non-stop over the Expo
  • Speakers: over 100 speakers will share their ideas and insights in the 2019 conference, with keynotes from Xero, Quickbooks and more
  • Meet Up Café: stop for a coffee and a meet-up – a great space for networking
  • CBD: The CBD area is the central hub of the exhibition – the perfect place to grab a drink with colleagues or rifle through that pocketful of pamphlets



Home in on key solutions

Home in on key solutionsThis is a business expo of epic proportions: more than 150 companies will be represented in the Expo Hall and more than 100 sessions will take place across nine theatres. To make sure you’re homing in on solutions relevant to you (and not just sharing water-cooler stories with other accountants*) we encourage you to have a look at the agenda and use the filters to home in on interest areas.

You can also buddy up with other expo-goers using the free Matchmaking service. The Expo has launched this service to help you find the best solutions for your business quickly and effectively. Simply register your place at the Accounting Business Expo and login to the Matchmaking portal online to plan your time. Going in with a few key vendors in mind helps your stay on course.



Land better connections

Land better connectionsFollow our navigation tips to land better connections and discover out-of-the-box solutions to your practice’s challenges. But if you’re still unsure how to tackle the conference, why not come and say hello at stand B36? We’re happy to give you some pointers on where to meet important vendors and find solutions to grow your firm.

Alternatively, you can pre-book a meeting with us when you register for a free ticket.